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Our Piece of the Pie, Inc.: The Kids Next Door – Urban Trauma and Human Trafficking

20–28 Sargeant Street, Hartford, CT 06105


  • Enriquecimiento Académico
  • Exploración profesional
  • Escritura creativa
  • Actividades educacionales
  • Salud y Bienestar
  • Programas sociales
  • Actividades de Ciencias Sociales

Edades Admitidas

15–18 years old

Áreas Atendidas


Duración del programa

5-6 weeks

Fecha de Inicio

July 6, 2020 (first session)

Fecha de Finalización

August 14, 2020 (last session)

Horario de Actividades

1:00 pm–5:00 pm


Free - Youth are anticipated to attend all sessions of the six-week summer scan program. The topical discussions, research, data collection, and field trips will all lead up to the final projects and presentations and attendance at all sessions will be an important component to success in the program. That said young people who require missing a session or two for important scheduled activities such as college tours, athletic/team events or other academic supports will be accommodated.

Para Inscribirse

Chanda Robinson
Our Piece of the Pie, Inc.
20-28 Sargeant Sreet
Hartford, CT  06105
(860) 761-7300

Más sobre nuestro campamento

An experiential learning program designed to engage youth in a work-to-learn model, Summer Scan helps them to acquire life and employment skills, building self-confidence, self-discipline, a sense of belonging and responsibility to others. Youth develop literacy, numeracy, critical thinking, and leadership skills and develop relationships with peers and adults; participation gives them a sense of having a valued place in a larger community. This year’s theme of Urban Trauma – Human Trafficking is one suggested by young people themselves as they are keen to learn and understand their own vulnerability, recognize when others may be victims and support organizations working to prevent this abuse that has lasting effects on the health and well-being of young people. 

In the past decade, human trafficking has been identified as a major criminal, social and public health issue in the United States. Vulnerable populations include runaways, at-risk youth, oppressed or marginalized groups, and those impacted by poverty. According to the Human Anti-Trafficking Team (HART) a disproportionate number of children of color are being trafficked in CT. Of the 210 referrals to DCF in 2018, 153 (73%) were children of color. Using the lens of Urban Trauma which describes how people of color are in a state of crisis due to oppressive societal systems that result in feelings of anger, hopelessness, and rage, young people will see Human Trafficking as a racial justice issue and start to identify root causes and the connections between trafficking, migration, poverty, racism, and gender. 

Using books and film, both documentary and fictionalized, along with web resources and the resources of local anti-trafficking agencies and organizations, young people will dissect the very real challenges and the threat of Human Trafficking and will learn how to protect themselves and recognize victimization in others and offer appropriate and supportive help and resources.

This research project will help youth to develop personal leadership qualities and serve as ambassadors for positive community change as they collect data, develop an action plan and pose possible solutions. Youth will be introduced to proper research, data collection and analyzation methods; close scrutiny of topical materials in print and other media gives teens practice in building knowledge, gaining insights and critical thinking skills, helping to alleviate summer learning loss and support common core learning objectives. Youth will engage in conversations about the materials, findings, and ideas they discover though research and activities, including personal reflections on their learning and experiences, encouraging them to develop their thoughts and ideas and present them with clarity. The summer will end in a final project where youth will present their findings, ideas and solutions using multi-media in a public presentation for family members, community members, government leaders, and peers.

Our Piece of the Pie, Inc. is Special Needs Accessible and Summer School Compatible.