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Hartford Friendship Kids Camp, Inc. – Say Yes! to New Adventures

The Friendship Kids' Camp will be renting space from the Hartford Adventist Academy at 474 Woodland Street this year


  • Academic Enrichment
  • Art
  • Creative Writing
  • Dance
  • Educational Activities
  • Field Trips
  • Music
  • Science Activities
  • Theater

Ages Served:

5–14 years old

Areas Served:

Bloomfield, East Hartford, Hartford, Windsor

Program Length:

5–6 weeks (1-week sessions)

Start Date:

June 27, 2022 (first session)

End Date:

August 5, 2022 (last session)

Hours of Operation:

8:15am - 4:30pm


Free to <$100

We urge participants to attend the full five weeks, if possible. Our session lasts 5 weeks and parents may opt to have their children attend for a shorter period. Our one restriction is that no new campers may be enrolled in the final week. Our handbook says the following: "Having campers attend camp in an on-again, an off-again manner is inconsistent with the vision of the Hartford Friendship Kids' Camp since our efforts from the first day of point to reducing the academic gap that exists between the urban and suburban areas. Also from the first week, we begin to prepare our campers for our final performance that occurs in the final week of camp. Parents should inform the staff if their child will be absent for a prolonged period of time. If campers return after a week's absence, parents must pay for the missed week, much like what occurs at daycare." Also In our handbook, we ask parents to agree to have their child on time, to call in advance when their child will be absent, and to check in with attendance when the child is tardy. For those campers who will receive a scholarship in any amount, we will ask parents to commit to having their child attend on a regular basis.

To Register:

Mrs. Clara V. Ruffin
149 Ridgefield Street
Hartford, CT 06112
[email protected]
(860) 527-2491

More about our camp:

Hartford Friendship Kids’ Camp was founded 15 years ago and reaches out to underserved inner-city youth between the ages of 5–13, most of whom are from single-parent homes. The camp has a major aim the development of the total child. We work hard to lessen the academic gap that exists between urban and suburban schools through a strong emphasis on literacy, math, science, and the arts. We hope to expand our efforts in the area of STEM. We are committed to enhancing the lives of youth through healthy, wholesome activities that build character. We bring in motivational speakers, aspiring authors, etc. and have campers read age-appropriate books about protagonists who succeed in life because of their grit and determination, even though they start out as the underdog. We feel that our campers  CAN become healthy, whole individuals who contribute to society. Our top-notch instructors, many of whom are employed in local schools, teach the students and are thoroughly familiar with Hartford’s curriculum. A few things that make us unique are the low family-friendly fees we charge (we average less than $1.70 an hour), in addition to our flexibility. Although last year we had no thought to enroll 5-year-old campers, we did because of the demand and the availability of staff that possessed the experience, structured curriculum, and means to engage the highly energetic youngsters in meaningful preparation for the coming school year. Another thing that makes our camp unique is that we accomplish quite a bit in a short amount of time. We are proud of the variety to which our campers are exposed. Some of them are academically strong while others shine artistically. Still, others are athletically inclined. Our aim is to reach (and teach) them all. Another thing that distinguishes us is the way we reach out to parents when their children are absent. In this way, we are encouraging parental involvement and accountability. (Campers can’t learn if they are absent). From the very beginning, parents are engaged in the camp through our interview process. A couple of other features make us unique:  Our Healthy Kids’ Day with healthy food, face painting activities, local hospital involvement, fire department urging fire safety, line dancing and community involvement. Character Education and Health are stressed. Last year a social worker visited the camp to help children who were experiencing emotional problems.  Located in the Northend, HFKC is highly structured and safe. The Hartford Friendship Kids’ Camp functions as an extended family. We have observed that many campers gravitate toward adult individuals who love and respect them. Lastly, we have a camp finale complete with a dinner provided by a popular restaurant. Perhaps not so unique is our passion and excitement. We believe all childcare providers see the children as our hope for the future.

Hartford Friendship Kids Camp has CPR/First Aid certification and CT State Department of Public Health.