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Goodwin College: Manufacturing in Motion

School of Business Technology and Advanced Manufacturing, Three Pent Road, East Harford, CT 06118

Ages Served:

11–18 years old

Areas Served:

All locations

Goodwin College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

(The program is delivered from a mobile lab that travels to the program recipient’s location. Recipients are not yet confirmed.)

More about our camp:

Goodwin College possess the only mobile advanced manufacturing lab in Connecticut designed to introduce middle and high school students to manufacturing careers. It provides visual information to demonstrate the manufacturing flow process and hands-on activities for a more robust experience. Using a holistic approach, instructors have students view various manufacturing tools to understand how they are used in the modern manufacturing process, from the design stage through quality assurance. The program informs students of careers that require skills for today’s advanced manufacturing environment, using software to model products with 3D visualization tools. The 90-minute program includes: an overview of manufacturing career exploration and viewing equipment in the mobile lab and options tailored to the enrichment site’s theme and/or  curriculum.

In October 2019, CBIA and CONNSTEP hosted the Made in Connecticut manufacturing summit. During the summit, the state’s need for workforce development in manufacturing was discussed. Factors contributing to the deficit include a shrinking labor force, population loss, and the retirements of the baby boomer generation. David Lehman, commissioner of the state’s Department of Community and Economic Development, stated, “We need to do a better job marketing that [referring to the average manufacturing job salary of $96,279 annually] at the high school level or even earlier than that, because these are phenomenal jobs.” (CBIA, The State of Manufacturing, November 2019). To this end, Goodwin’s work doing engaging outreach to this specific population during the summer is important and vital to the efforts to replenish and build the CT manufacturing workforce.

Our mobile lab continues to serve three purpose 1) increase manufacturing jobs and career awareness, 2) introduce students through hands-on activities to basic manufacturing skills and 3) provide onsite professional development. To date, Goodwin’s mobile lab has trained 1,921 incumbent workers, received 6,743 visitors, and presented to 8,591 students while traveling over 10,850 miles throughout Connecticut.

Goodwin continues to work with public, magnet and technical high schools and middle schools in the Metro-Hartford region and throughout the state to raise students’ awareness about career opportunities in advanced manufacturing. Additionally, Goodwin hosts informational sessions for parents, teachers and guidance staff to dispel misconceptions and to provide up-to-date information about career pathways.