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Ebony Horsewomen, Inc. Equine/Animal Summer Camp CIT Program

337 Vine Street, Hartford, CT 06112


  • Cooking
  • Field Trips
  • Gardening
  • Health and Wellness
  • Horseback Riding

Ages Served:

11–18 years old

Areas Served:

Bloomfield, East Hartford, East Windsor, Glastonbury, Hartford, Manchester, Vernon, West Hartford, Windsor, Windsor Locks

Program Length:

7–8 weeks (4-week sessions)

Start Date:

June 22, 2020 (first session)

End Date:

August 14, 2020 (last session)

Hours of Operation:

8:00 am–4:30 pm


Free - All CITs are required to have 98% attendance for each 4-week session, unless prior arrangements have been made, i.e. due to a family vacation.

We have staff with the following certifications: Equine Therapy, Horse Safety, Animal  Husbandry, Riding Instructors, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LPC,  MSWs CT State Dept of Health, CPR/First Aid.

To Register:

Dominique Bourgeois
337 Vine Street
Hartford, CT 06112
(860) 293-2914
[email protected]

More about our camp:

The CIT experience is open to co-ed youth entering 7th-12th grade. Teens will be required to participate in a one week of training prior to the start of camp. Once camp starts, teens will meet once a week for lunch for additional training. CITs day begins at 8:00 am and ends at 4:30 pm. They work and eat along side of campers. The CIT program allows youth to experience a real work atmosphere. The work can be hard and it also requires a high level of accountability and responsibility for the care and monitoring of animals and young campers. Youth learn the responsibility of maintaining proper and accurate work time sheets. During these trainings we focus on camp routines and protocols while demonstrating and discussing effective leadership techniques/skills in communication, group management, decision-making, and conflict management; along with child development, safety and bullying. Community service hours are available and all CITs will receive a Certificate of Recognition at the end of the program. The camp program provides a 2-year research and STEM-based Pre-Veterinarian curriculum in science, physiology, biology, and chemistry, using integrated cross-disciplinary student-centered learning projects requiring/enhancing academic skills in science, mathematics, language arts, and comparative critical thinking. CITs will learn right along with the campers and take part in all activities.  

CITs will be engaged also with the four major components combine to increase academic achievement through mentored STEM studies. 1.) Youth Development through Veterinary Science Curriculum (DavisU) and related courses in Eco-systems Science; 2.) Development of student understanding/ appreciation of similarities and differences among different animal species and extension to those of humans (physical, cultural, ethnic, social, psychological) through comparative cognitive activities, facilitated discussion, and multicultural activities involving students, their peers, and their Instructors and Counselors; 3.) Improvement of the physical, mental, and psychological health of youngsters by fostering positive behaviors, self-confidence, and self-/other-awareness using the principles of Horsemanship Training, Equine and Animal Assisted Growth and Learning, and Equine Assisted Therapy, with proven extended results in better quality of life, increased hope (and consequent life goals), and a greater resilience and ability to successfully negotiate future challenges; and 4.) Recreational activities through “Cowboy Cooking,” Gardening and Arts and Crafts that provide an additional avenue to engage with instructional materials (cookbooks, gardening manuals) to gain literacy understanding and application. Our approach toward continued learning which aligns with the districts goal for continuing education with focus on reading and STEM skills are clearly met.

CITs are provided a safe, learning and nurturing environment and an opportunity to mentor younger youth.

Ebony Horsewomen is Summer School Compatible.