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Blue Hills Civic Association: Capital City Summer Youth Track & Field

Hartford Public High School Outdoor Track, 55 Forest St, Hartford, CT 06105


  • Field Trips
  • Fitness
  • Games
  • Health and Wellness
  • Sports/Athletics

Ages Served:

6–18 years old

Areas Served:

Bloomfield, East Hartford, Enfield, Hartford, Manchester, Newington, Rocky Hill, Tolland

Program Length:

7–8 weeks (1-week sessions)

Start Date:

June 6, 2022 (first session)

End Date:

August 12, 2022 (last session)

Hours of Operation:

6:00 pm–8:00 pm, Monday–Thursday


Under $100 - Capital City Track Club is a sanctioned USATF and AAU youth sports club. Our youth club coaches and youth club administrators are required to be USATF SafeSport Compliant, listed on the USATF Coaches Registry, and undergo a background check from an approved screening agency. Multiple staff members are also qualified in First Aid/CPR and Concussion Training.

All of our Sites have individuals who are First Aid and CPR certified. Training is offered to staff to ensure that these certifications are current to ensure the safety of the youth we serve.

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More about our camp:

The Blue Hills Civic Association works with individuals, families, businesses, schools, and other civic groups in Hartford to help stabilize the Blue Hills and neighboring North Hartford communities; BHCA serves as an advocate for its primarily African-American residents who have been historically underserved.   Connecting services include support for at-risk youth seeking employment and parents seeking quality education and safe recreation activities for their children in one of the state’s poorest urban centers.  Approximately 95% of residents in North Hartford are members of an underrepresented ethnic group. 

The Capital City Youth Track Program primary goal is to engage more underserved youth not now enrolled in any type of athletic program in their schools or communities in which they live.  This program focuses on (1) combating health disparities in poor and minority children caused by the lack of physical activities and poor eating habits; (2) structured track and field training and competition; (3) exposing more girls to sports activities; and (4) expanding the knowledge of parents and participants on the opportunities available via athletic scholarships to further their education.  It is the objective of this program to reverse the current trends of obesity, asthma and youth violence enveloping neighborhoods and schools in our communities in North Hartford. Physical fitness activities and subsequent competitions easily measure individual growth. It is the desire to compete that fosters health awareness in individuals looking to succeed. Youth learn to associate healthy eating and living habits with improved physical performances. The Summer Youth Track & Field Program engages underserved Hartford youth at earlier stages of their life by reaching out to those who are not now enrolled in any type of athletic program in their school or community.  Evidence indicates that minority and low-income populations have less access to physical activity facilities and resources; and that traffic and neighborhood safety might inhibit an active lifestyle.  Program training is comprehensive and targets physical conditioning and improvements in running, jumping and throwing. Each participant is compared with athletes of the same sex and age on regional and national websites. Half of our participants are girls who will eventually attend high school with a work ethic and athletic skill set to compete with their suburban counter parts.  Our youth and their families travel to competitions in and out of state on weekends with coaches and teammates with the opportunity to qualify, travel and compete at the National Junior Olympics Track & Field Championships – making for an exciting and eventful summer.